Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Time To Admit" by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Time To Admit

Something wrong
with all of us

time to admit

we can't stop
the suffering

too far gone
spin of our sins

web of machines
pressed to our flesh

underworld pulling strings

needing to look up
falling to our knees.


Published in Catapult To Mars- October 2011

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Ego" by Stephen Jarrell Williams


None of us
what the world was coming to

we had ideas and even visions
nothing like the slap and roar of the end

children no longer born
women no longer loved
sea and sky no longer blue

earth, wood, and stone
on every man so full of himself.

Published in protestpoems.org- December 24, 2011

Monday, November 2, 2015

"You Shouldn't" by Stephen Jarrell Williams

You Shouldn’t

They say you shouldn’t
Antagonize the government
With their continuing expansion of the Patriot Act
Supplying sniper rifles to one-eyed Jacks

Marshall Law signs already printed up and stored
In vacant buildings outside of town and city

Row-after-row of thousands training
Strategically staged across the country
Containment forces with truck loads of body bags

NSA listening
Lists drawn
Odds are you’re on at least one page with an X

Easy now
Don’t panic

You use to think your body was God’s
But they’ll use it
After you’re shot and displayed like a ragdoll
Igniting you on TV

What a fire that will be
The news announcing nothing to worry about
Just a trash fire
Another trouble-maker dead

For everything is under control here at home
Smoke becoming our atmosphere.

Published in The Camel Saloon- January 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In The Morning by Stephen Jarrell Williams


In The Morning

We walk in a quiet march
under heavy clouds,
mist falling

mini pearls clinging to our coats.

The singing has ended for the night,

the song still in our minds,

our throats swore

by the meaning of the words.

Tomorrow we will be in the City of Cities,
all the world will hear.

We are some of the many

millions wanting

change in the kingdoms of government...

We move on,

our numbers blurring the sight of us...

Thunder rumbling in the distance,

countries beginning to bow.

Not enough bullets, or fire, or depravity

can weigh us down like the old days lying,

lying, so much lying...

We are no longer meek.

Our strength is our will

pushing down the walls with our flood of flesh.

In the mourning we will sing.  We will sing.
And they will listen.

Published in The Camel Saloon- January 2011