Monday, May 30, 2011

Back To The Beginning by Stephen Jarrell Williams

We're in a slow tumble,

The whole country a quack,
paying now and forever.

They say it's our fault.
Maybe it is...

Thinking of the kids...
We deserve to be stepped on.

But I believe
we can shake ourselves out of this.

Changing those at the top
to the bottom.

Going back to the beginning,
common sense and hard work...

A friend to earth and sky and self.


Published in Word Catalyst Magazine- February 2010


  1. I so love this piece of poetry so beeutiful in thought and prose Your a lovely writer of purpose to life thankQ for sharing always beez :*)

  2. "A friend to earth and sky and self."

    Profound reality. So simple, yet it holds the key to getting it right. (Hugs)Indigo